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How to motivate developers to grow?!

I've read on people blogs these days post on "Being a better developer" and I have some thoughts...

There are tons of books about Motivation but, again, in our industry is a bit fuzzy (probably because it is relatively new). How to motivate developers?! Benefits from having motivated people on board is obvious:

  • higher productivity
  • lower educational costs
  • better quality
  • broader range of expertise and so on

OK! Senior people obviously managed somehow to get senoir and therefore they have some motviation... What we can do to motivate people? We can list some some common benefits that could work:

  • pay rise
  • better (or any :) ) spot on car park
  • better machine
  • better work place

But not everybody is attracted by these stuff. There are some people that thing it is not possible to earn them so they do not even try... Hey don't think like that! You cannot have only senior and highly motivated people in the company! And for sure you cannot let someone leave because of this!!!

(As Scott Hanselman says: Don't worry, we can talk about them, because, since they are unmotivated, they aren't reading blogs.)

Good leader should be able to manage this situation. Scott Hanselman in his Computer Zen blog post great way to show the way to these people - so read how to Sharpen the Saw for Developers