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There are too many acronyms in today’s worlds so let me help you understand these two:

  • WCF –Windows Communication Foundation
  • UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

You might started to think how these two are related?!

Well they are not :). But I find some analogy between the martial arts events and the new initiative to popularize .NET platform for enterprise programming – WCF called WCF Champ Web Campaign.

(photo courtesy
Flickr). This is the pretty face of UFC.

Developing web services old-fashioned way could be as cruel. Evidence can be seen on official website of WCF Champ Web Campaign as well as on YouTube in Hi Definition format.

WCF Champ Web Campaign website offers great links to resources for jumpstart with this great framework. The resources are grouped in several categories describing why WCF can be of great use for:

  • Individual Developer
  • Enterprise  
  • Web
  • and what the future look

Take a look at WCF Champ Web Campaign website. It’s fun and useful.

Note: The analogy between WCF and UFC is done only for fun and shouldn’t be considered in any other way.