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What’s going on lately…

Although I said I will keep blogging I went dark for a while. It’s not like I am not having what to blog about :) – just opposite – there are so many interesting things around so it is difficult to choose what to write about. I was digging into these interesting things lately:

  • TFS Continuous Integration
  • MSBuild
  • WCF
  • IIS7
  • WiX

As you might know each of these is ocean of knowledge, settings, tips&tricks that could make your life easier… or not :) especially when you hit them all at once. But definitely it worth the effort to employ them to produce better software product.

Next blog posts will be around these things so if you interested stay tuned. 

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  • Galcho

    1/28/2009 8:50:29 AM | Reply

    thank you, my dear friend Smile