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.NET Framework source code is LIVE for stepping into it

.NET source code was promised to be open a while ago and now this is fact. Shawn Burke posted on his blog steps to enable it.

Here are basic ones:

  1. Install the Visual Studio 2008 QFE. (If you get an error installing the Hotfix , try inserting your VS 2008 DVD and then running the Hotfix EXE again. the work in this is in progress)
  2. Start Visual Studio 2008 and bring up Tools > Options > Debugging > General.  If you are running under the Visual Basic Profile, you will need to check the box on the lower left of the Options Dialog marked "Show All Settings" before continuing (other profiles won't have this option).

    Set the following two settings:

    • Turn OFF the "Enable Just My Code" setting
    • Turn ON the "Enable Source Server Support" setting

  3. Next, bring up the "Symbols" Page and set the symbols download URL and a cache location.  Specifically, set the three settings below:

    • Set the symbol file location to be:
    • Set a cache location.  Make sure this is a location that your account has read/write access to.  A good option for this is to place this path somewhere under your user hive (e.g. d:\cache\vs2008\symbols)
    • Enable the "Search the above locations only when symbols are loaded manually" option.


(via Shawn's blog)

And this is it....Enjoy!

Read the full blog post at Shawn's blog