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Let's trace down to.... .NET Framework source :)

Microsoft announced they will release ... the source of .NET Framework 3.5 and we will be able to trace how our data is handled by .NET base libraries.

Also it would be very good for education purposes for young devs.

And, in the manner they say in TV Ads, this is not all. You also get access to  Program database - .pdb file - where debug symbols live so the VS 2008 IDE can match the code that is executed with the line is source code :)

So who says Microsoft is not open company?

(via ScottGu blog)

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  • Angel Kafazov

    10/4/2007 9:31:35 AM | Reply

    I almost can't believe they'll release the code, but I guess it will happen. Some day MS might even open Windows and Office as well!Smile

  • Galcho

    10/4/2007 12:10:14 PM | Reply

    Yep, this was unthinkable back in y2k Smile
    But the business has changed.. so many companies are moving (or want to move) to SAAS (Software as a Service).
    As far as I understood this concept the source code is not that secret because you sell the service, not the software. As long as the service is top notch and reliable the business is OK Smile.

    the service is under constantly improvement and this is the second benefit user that user get. And of course they take this for granted.

    The only way the business can go down is when the development stops. Then the competition will take over and the customer will leave. But hey! This is valid to all human beings - if you stop moving you're dead ;)

    Have you ever tried to significantly change big chunk of code provided by some of (ASP.NET/Winforms) component providers?! It is not that easy Smile If it cost 2000 manhours to develop something and it cannot be used AS IS or you need to fully use it (or stole it) in most cases it will take close to 1000 manhours to fully understand and use it Smile What if it covers below 40% of functionality you need?

    So source code stealing works only if is very well written and cover all your needs Smile Sometimes they call it product Smile and it is much more legal and probably cheaper (or supported at least Tong )

    and as end... It is a battle of resources - those who have more resources (production devs) wins!!!

  • Angel Kafazov

    10/4/2007 3:00:45 PM | Reply

    Yes, you are very right. However, as far as I understand .NET will not be "REAL" open source in the  same fashion Linux is ( discussion for reference). But it is still a step in the right direction.

    There is a dilemma as to what do you use for project development - Microsoft or OSS. I honestly can't decide. Microsoft makes you really productive and gives you all you need, basically. You can invest time to learn their technology and meet all of your needs. But what happens if the rest of the world goes in another direction and you find it difficult to change. We know Microsoft, they say something, but still don't open some of the specs and it is trouble. On the other side with OSS you have all the freadom, but how much time will it take to finish a project. You don't get all the software you need from one vendor and some pieces don't fit together really wellSmile