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Installing old OS on new machine

I had interesting experience last night: I had to install Windows XP on new laptop with Mobile Intel® GM965 Express chipset .

I know you would wonder why and the reason was: Because on this machine will live software that communicates with a hardware for vehicle diagnostic system. And the provider (or software ) required Windows XP.

Piece of cake, right?! Having an issue or two I was able to install it in.... 3.5 hours Arghhggggggggg (it had to be ready ASAP :( ).

Well let me share with you so you will know how to act if you have similar situation:

Problem 1:SATA HDD

Probably you know that if Windows XP installation package doesn't have SCSI or SATA drivers for your adapter you have to provide them in the early stages of instalation (by pressing F6) using.....  ta damm Floppy Disk! But who in the world is still using FDD? Even accountants I know use USB flash drive and digital signature. This was almost showstopper but I remembered the tool I read about for customizing Windows installations - free nLite. Beside removing components, incorporating serial keys, SPs, hotfixes and a bunch of tweaks there is a option to incorporate drivers. This is exactly what I needed. the rest is customizing WinXP ISO image

Problem 2: Chipset Drivers

This one was relatively easy - The Intel guys provided a nice little .exe that expant image on floppy disk. As I don't have one I decompressed the .exe several times until I get a nice 1.44 MB .IMA file. I had to download the shareware WinImage in order to extract files from .IMA image and then nLite did his job.

And bingo - it worked. The rest is borring software installation.

Hope this helps.