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Look under the hood of SQL Server Storage engine

We, software engineers, have interesting profesion, don't we? The result of our job should make life of the customers easier. But there is something else that keeps us in front of the screen. And this is to make things work in our way. Especially when we are able to find out how the internals work we feel like in the heaven :).

Beside the sake of cool it is very useful to know what's in under the hood. Knowing this we could create more optimized products, make things flying...

There is a tool called SQL Internals Viewer that allows look into the SQL Server storage engine and see how data is physically allocated, organised and stored. There is no need to say how much we can benefit form this knowledge.

But hey.. that's not all. There is also Resource section in which you can dive and read about internals...

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  • Galcho

    9/13/2007 4:35:08 PM | Reply

    great. I am glad to publish useful info ;)

  • Martin Kulov

    9/18/2007 8:30:35 PM | Reply

    Great tool!!!
    And very interesting reading.