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Ultimate C# Tutorial

Unified C# 3.0 Specification Now Available. In this document (above 500 printed pages) you can find every C# feature and some examples. It can be called also "Ultimate C# Tutorial".

This document combines the 1.1 version of the spec, the 2.0 version, and various other bits and pieces into one large document some 500 pages in length. Here you will find the definitive technical description of the C# language in the words of the engineers who created it.  It is the single most authoritative reference for the C# language. Though not called out by name in this document, many of the people who created the C# language contributed to it, and they are its primary authors.

(via Charlie Calvert's Community Blog )

Update: If you are non-Bulgarian speaker or you do not want to read my LINQ Tutorial and you want quickly to ramp up with C# 3.0 (without reading 519 pages) you can find read C# 3.0 specifications (30 pages) by Anders Hejlsberg
(thanks to Matthieu Mezil)

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  • Galcho

    8/30/2007 8:22:07 PM | Reply

    Thanks, Matthieu!
    Nice shot. I will update the post so people can find it...