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LINQ 2.0

Erik Meijer, the "Creator of LINQ", summarizes in his paper "LINQ 2.0: Democratizing the Cloud"  what is achieved with LINQ 1.0 ( it is on Beta 2 stage and architecture&design stage is passed so we know what is in it ) and what are the goals for LINQ 2.0.

This is intersting reading as this is first place I met LINQ written with a version number :) and this can give an idea on what is coming next :)

Andres Aguiar gives explanation of "Democratizing the Cloud":

Democratizing the cloud means “Make easier to program distributed applications”. He wants us to build a single tier app and publish it in multiple tiers.

This is not all... there is a bit more: there is a video on Channel9 Erik Meijer: Volta - Wrapping the Cloud with .NET - Part 1.

I am not sure if LINQ 2.0 and MS Codename Volta are related, though... Mary Jo Foley writes:

* Volta is an academic incubation project focused on programming in the cloud, Ajenstat said. Volta has no connection to Astoria, Jasper or Katmai. Instead, it is focused on how you expose the Web Services and SOA data that is in the cloud, he said. Volta isn't about programming against hosted SQL Server; it's more futuristic than that. 

But wait.. There is another unknown word ( at least use of this word ) - Cloud. Again Mary Jo Foley tries to give answer in hist post Is Microsoft’s Cloud OS actually a Cloud DB?