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Microsoft "Grava" CTP

In last ten years software technologies grow very fast. As these technologies has to be learned by people who is supposed to work with them learning process have to be adapted in such way so learners see and remember as much as possible form the course. (further thoughs in this subject see here)

Microsoft as a one of the most innoviative companies beside pushing techinlogies forward gives its share to education. After creating Microsoft Learning system now the new solution is being developed. It is called "Grava" and it is built on top of WPF to provide very interactive training. As it is still CTP the address is Here is some description of Grarva:

What is "Grava"?

"Grava" is the code name for a new set of tools from Microsoft’s Education Products Group that is designed to allow the education community to create and assemble materials that will increase discovery and allow learners to go at their own pace and learning style. "Grava" tools are scheduled for release in fall 2008.

"Grava" Player—The "Grava" player enables users to view the rich interactive content created in "Grava" Authoring.

Developer Tools—The "Grava" SDK is built on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and provides a programming model and tools for building rich educational experiences.

Authoring—"Grava" Authoring allows users to create interactive and stimulating non-linear projects to view in the "Grava" player.

Services—"Grava" provides an array of services which complement the authoring, SDK and player components. These services include the ability to do assessments, log results, and create intelligent learning solutions.