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Enable RibbonX intellisense in Visual Studio

I had interesting experince with customizing Ribbon within VS 2005.

At first place I was able to get very helpful intellisence in VS IDE. After some time I had to edit .xml fiel but... no intellisense. well ... what to do?!

I intalled VSTO - I didn;t have it after last reinstall. and bingo - I've got it again... until today...

What happened?! Why?!  I just don't know - (probably most of us hears customer, friends and relatives that phone us with strange PC question and says - Yesterday it worked and I haven't touched anything! :)  ) Same thing here :)

But I know how to enable that intellisense again. And this is how:

  1. You need customUI.xsd and Visual Studio 2005 :)
  2. place customUI.xsd in %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Xml\Schemas  and this is it. You must have it.

There are some other ways to enable intellisence for xml in VS 2005. You can find them on Aaron Stebner's blog post.