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Skypeout and .NET

As a typical geek I am spending my vacation playing with new technologies. Today I discovered something very interesting: Skypecast( ). This is like conference call but it is public (with option to be hidden). I think this is nice idea and could be next extension of our virtual world.

I decided to create new room where .Net geeks can freely discuss … well.. whatever they want J. I think this way we can easily help each other in solving tough problems we meet all the time in our job.

You can join by calling +99001110022186965 from skype or press here(skype:+99001110022186965). And the fun doesn’t stop here. You can add this number as contact in your list and easy dial it whenever you want to enter in room J

I will be glad if we expand this room.

Note: You will need Skype 3.0 to join